High Value Voice

We maximize our clients' high value processes by providing highly skilled agents, assisted by AI and analytical technologies that optimize decision-making and complex problem-solving. As a result, we provide an exceptional and memorable experience to our clients' customers.



1. B2B Sales / Inside Sales
2. Retention
3. B2B Collections

B2B sales-oriented operation available 24/7, which combines digital and non-digital strategies with analytics to increase sales conversion, together with highly qualified agents to establish a long-term relationship with customers.

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Intelligent interactions applied over the customer lifecycle, focusing on reversing wishes or requests to cancel services or products, as well as complaints monitoring to predict possible cancellation requests. High skilled anti-attrition profile agents prepared to reverse the cancel request or to make an alternative offer.

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Collection management for debtor companies, seeking to reduce bad debts and maintain active clients. We assertively locate financial managers of the companies and use negotiators with a different profile who, associated with the use of innovative technologies, guarantee the best delivery in credit recovery.

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Our CEO shares how we support our clients during the pandemic

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Atento recognized as a leading company in CX management by Everest Group

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Chatbots interactions increase and deliver 90% effectiveness

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